*Chandra Bhushan Yadav
Library & Information Officer
Nepal Health Research Council
Ramshah Path, Kathmandu, Nepal


Although the basic applications and guidelines that make the Internet possible had existed for almost a decade, the network did not gain a public face until the 1990s. On August 6, 1991, CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research), which straddles the border between France and Switzerland, publicized the new World Wide Web project. The Web was invented by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. (www.wikipedia.org/wiki/CERN).

The Internet was introduced in Nepal in 1994, and was quickly recognized as an exciting means of accessing information resources, appropriate for technologically advanced society. To provides those information through e-mail, both nationally and internationally To document the health related research based information properly in electronic version This paper identifies and characterizes Nepal Health Research Council’s digital library initiatives in science and technology, Research Reports, Thesis Reports, Journals, Biennial Report and various Guidelines about health research purpose. All types of health related documents have cataloged according to National Library of Medicine Classification Scheme. Mainly, NHRC Library uses four types of Library Software.

  1. OJS (Open Journal System) developed by PKP, Canada
  2. OCS (Open Conference System) developed by PKP, Canada
  3. GSDL (Green Stone Digital Library) developed by UNESCO
  4. KOHA (Library Automation) developed by New Zealand

– During uses of this software I am facing so many problems like skilled computer base man power.

– GSDL software takes too many space of hard disk, high speed ram minimum 1 G.B. as well as CPU speed.


(Key Words: Digital Libraries, Problems digital libraries)

Full text: ybhushanlibrary@nhrc.org.np

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